Domestic/Family violence occurs when someone in an intimate or familial relationship uses abuse or violence to control the other person through fear.

There are many forms of domestic/family violence including:

Physical abuse – punching, pushing, kicking and being injured with objects

Emotional abuse – degrading comments that undermine a person’s self-esteem and sense of self, constant comments and put downs leading a person to think they are crazy or insane

Verbal abuse – screaming, yelling, put downs and name calling

Intimidation/Threats – threats to hurt family members and pets, threats to physically hurt the other person, harassment at the workplace

Social abuse – isolation from friends, family, services and other social networks

Economic abuse – control of finances keeping you dependant, taking the money you earn or have, being made to live on inadequate resources

Sexual abuse – Any forced or unwanted sexual acts

Spiritual abuse – forbidding the practice of religious or cultural beliefs

Stalking – following, phoning, watching, constant emails or letters

Cyber Bullying/Harassment – Using emails, text messages, chat rooms to embarrass, torment, threated or humiliate

Spousal Homicide – death of a victim directly attributed to domestic violence

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