Does your partner, carer, friend or family member;

  • Call you names and put you down?
  • Seem to like you as a person?
  • Blame you for making them angry?
  • Push, shove or physically hurt you?
  • Respect your feelings, opinions and beliefs?
  • See him or her-self as right all the time?
  • Seem happy for you to make decisions about your own life?
  • Insist that you dress in a certain way?
  • Have sudden mood swings?
  • Try to work out arguments by talking or compromising?
  • Need to know where you are constantly?
  • Take your money?
  • Ok if you say no to something (including sex)?
  • Pressure you to have sex when you donít want it?
  • Control your contact with your friends and family?

The bold statements are signs of love and respect; if you are being treated right you should experience all of these. If you have experienced any of the other answers, then there are signs that you are not being treated right.

If youíre not feeling safe then something isnít right.

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